Welcome to the Central Florida Girls Youth Lacrosse League!

The only league of its kind in Central Florida, CFGYL is where the middle school teams of Seminole County practice and play during the fall and spring. Run and managed by REVevents and former Hericanes Director, Carole Hoover, CFGYL is the perfect place for youth and middle school Players to develop their lacrosse skills in a fun atmosphere!

Whether you are brand new to the game, have been playing for a few seasons or know that lacrosse is your sport, joining the CFGYL team in your area is the best way to develop! Get ready to gain playing experience, meet future teammates and prepare for high school lacrosse, all in an environment that promotes positivity and reaching your potential!


Being the creators of REVevents, the nation’s premier lacrosse event company, we are here to grow the game in Central Florida!

The mission of the Central Florida Youth Lacrosse League is to provide the opportunity for girls in Central Florida to play the fastest growing sport in the country. We are not a club team or a practice squad, rather a playing experience that teaches the game while promoting leadership and strong character for young girls.

We are looking for youth and middle school girls who are looking to get better, make friends and have more fun than they thought possible!

Sweet CFGYL Gear

Because of our mission, Nike partnered with REVevents to power CFGYL and you will be rocking sweet Nike gear as you develop as a middle school lacrosse player!


CFGYL Spring 2017: $150 per player


Nike Logo

Nike Logo


We are always looking for great people who know the game and are passionate about growing lacrosse in Central Florida! If this is you, please send us an email at CFGYL@REVevents.com.

How Does CFGYL Work?

Step 1

Find your team

Step 2

Click HERE to register all of your CFGYL Players!

Step 3

Team Pages will be posted during the Winter of 2017! Here is where you will find your practice schedule and location.

Step 4

Games will take place on Saturdays in March- May, exact dates and times coming soon!

Step 5

Save The Date for the Spring Jamboree, which will take place at the beginning of May!



Games will take place on Saturday’s from March- May. Exact Dates and Times for the 2017 Spring Season Coming Soon!

Spring Game Dates:
More information coming soon!

Spring Jamboree:
More information coming soon!


Welcome to the CFGYL 2017 Spring Season! We are so excited to have you with us and for you to experience playing with CFGYL. Get ready for an experience unlike any other!



There are no Central Florida Girls Youth Lacrosse refunds for registration fees or any other program fees.


$150 per player


Click HERE to register all of your CFGYL Players!


Spring 2015

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2015 Recaps

Spring 2016

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2016 Recaps

Summer 2016

2016 Recaps




In June 2016, CFGYL launched its first ever Summer Program! Created for those ready to develop their skills and have fun, it is the perfect opportunity to add a little more CFGYL to your year!

The CFGYL Summer Program ran from early June to early July with practices twice a week making it the perfect addition to anyone’s summer schedule! Players were taught and coached by Current and Former College Coaches eager to share their vast knowledge and start building the future lacrosse stars of Central Florida! In addition to practices, players will also participated in a few summer events – the perfect chance to showcase all of their hard work!

Not only does the CFGYL Summer Program build upon the technical knowledge that players gained through their spring seasons, but it also introduces new concepts while working on both character and leadership in the most fun environment possible! With nothing to lose and everything to gain, make your summer one to remember and spend it with us!

Meet Our Coaches

Schedule & Location

Practice Location: Lake Mary High School
Practice Days: Tuesdays & Thursdays
Practice Times: Practices will be held in the morning, exact times coming soon!


Registration for the 2017 Summer Program coming this spring!


More information for the 2017 Summer Program coming this spring!


There are no Central Florida Girls Youth Lacrosse Summer Program refunds for registration fees or any other program fees.




Since its inception eight years ago, REVevents has consistently run the top lacrosse events in the country including The Northern RISE and The NT215. We work with the leading minds in women’s lacrosse and are nationally known as an experience company that provides impeccable customer service while spreading the game of lacrosse throughout the country!

If you have any questions, please drop us an email at CFGYL@REVevents.com! We want to hear from you!