What is DII/DIII Showcase?

The DII/DIII Showcase is your opportunity to get ahead of the competition and work directly with over 25 college coaches in an intimate setting. You will work directly by college coaches during the skills sessions and coached by them during the 8v8 games. In addition to the on-field experience, you will also have the opportunity to attend a Division II and Division III College Coaches and Players Panel. Get ready to develop your game, gain exposure and learn what the Division II and Division III student athlete experience is all about!

Develop, Be Seen and Get Famous.

Why Attend?

The DII/DIII Showcase is for you if...

  • You want to play high level lacrosse while also exploring many other interests in college.
  • You want to play high level lacrosse and might want to study abroad during college.
  • You want to play more than one sport in college.
  • You want to have an amazing experience!!!
  • If you want to work directly with the top DII/DIII Coaches in the country with over 25 College Coaches attending! A National Record set 2 years ago and beaten every year since!

DII/DIII Coaches

You'll be working with top DII/DIII lacrosse coaches.
See the line-up of college coaches attending in 2016.

Don't Miss out!

Another Year SOLD OUT!
Information for 2017 coming late spring.

Check out last year’s DII/DIII Showcase Video!