Welcome to the event that started it all!
Develop, Be Seen, Get Famous. ™

Seven years strong, The DII/DIII Showcase exposes DII and DIII players to the top minds in the game. Providing you direct access with a hands on approach to the College Coaches, The DII/DIII Showcase has revolutionized the recruiting process.

In order to provide players with the maximum amount of coaching, this event is open to 2020s, 2021s, 2022s and 2023s! Our structure allows players to experience the coaching philosophies of 20+ DII/DIII College Coaches first hand in skill groups, practices and games.

In addition to the on-field experience that The DII/DIII Showcase provides, players also have the opportunity to attend The Division II and Division III College Coaches and Players Panel. The star-lined panel will explain The Division II and Division III student-athlete experience and the DII/DIII recruiting process, providing players and families with knowledgeable insight that cannot be matched.

From Lukas Cash, the Director of REV who has placed over 625+ players in college, “As an aspiring collegiate athlete, it is all about finding the right fit and this can ONLY be done if you understand the numerous coaching philosophies and who your potential coach is as a person. You are making a four year commitment, baring family, you probably have never made such a commitment with another person. In understanding the recruiting landscape and watching it not just accelerate, but principles of making visits and working hard to find the right fit have all about faded away in the last decade. Hence the creation of our showcase line up, The DII/DIII Showcase, Fall Coach Up and The NT215 Showcases.

Our objective has always been to bring together College Coaches and players, not just though games, but in a format that provides real value to the three involved parties. For the participating players, in working directly with the college coaches, you can make decisions on the philosophy that best fits you while realizing that coaches are people too. For families, we couldn’t agree more that it is important to maximize value for every dollar that you spend in the every growing and expensive recruiting process. As a former member of the final party, college coaches know that there are hundreds of athletic players out there, but the trick is to find the player who possess a solid mental platform, who is a teammate and one who fits the culture you are building. Our showcases answer the needs of the three parties and frankly, each Showcase is a 48hr speed date and if approached correctly, all parties find their right fit.”

The DII/DIII Showcase is an opportunity to learn from the best. Get ready to develop your game, gain exposure and learn what the Division II and Division III student-athlete Experience is all about.

Develop, Be Seen, Get Famous. ™

The 411

  • Located in Taunton, Massachusetts at Fore Kicks, an indoor facility with several large turf fields and courts.
  • The DII/DIII Showcase is for 2019 (current seniors), 2020 (current junior) and 2021 (current sophomore) girls lacrosse players.
  • Registration is first come, first serve. A wait list will be created once the event is full.
  • Players will be grouped in teams made up of approximately 14 athletes. Teams will be coached by top DII/DIII College Coaches.
  • Players will experience many different coaching styles and philosophies.
  • Certified trainers will be on site to assist with injuries and taping.
  • Players are responsible for their own accommodations and food.
  • Room blocks have been made in nearby hotels for players and/or parents to stay.

The Format

  • Practice sessions with Coaches from DII/DIII lacrosse programs
  • Tournament style 8v8 play
  • Stations, practices and games
  • College Coaches and Players Q&A Panel

The Schedule

  • Check In & Registration starts at 2:00pm Sunday, January 20th
  • The DII/DIII Showcase will conclude by 2:30pm Monday, January 21st