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Club Coaches’ Conduct/Responsibility

  • Club Coaches are responsible for the conduct of their players, assistant coaches, team representatives and parents/supporters.
  • The RISE expects maturity and professional behavior from all participants.
  • Derogatory remarks, profanity and/or disruptive behavior results in the individual(s) to be asked to leave the event.
  • Coaches are expected to stay on their sideline.

Yellow/Red Cards

  • Players receiving a yellow card are suspended for 2 minutes.  The Field Marshal will keep this time.
    • During the two minutes, the respective team is down two minutes.  
  • A player receiving two yellow cards in a single game cannot return to the game.  
  • A player receiving a red card must sit the remainder of the game AND the next game.
  • A coach receiving two yellow cards in a single game needs to leave the sideline/field.  
  • A player or coach ejected by the Field Marshal or referee is not permitted to play in the next game and based on the determination of the referee(s) and/or Tournament Directors can be asked to leave the event.

What Sideline is Yours / Where is Your Bench

  • Team sidelines will be marked.
  • Home Team is the team that appears first in the game schedule.
  • Home Team is required to switch their jersey if asked by the referees. If this is not possible, the Visitor Team will switch.
  • The Home Team’s sideline is to the left of the Field Marshal’s table when facing the field.


  • Field Marshals will keep score at every game.
  • At the conclusion of the game, the head coaches from both teams are to sign the score card at the Field Marshal table confirming the score.


  • Disputes of any nature are settled by the Tournament Directors and are final.


  • Given the attempts to provide all teams with at least one game, The RISE offers no refunds, even in the case of acts of God, rain, severe wind and/or thunder and lightning delays.

The Rules of The RISE

Note: All participants — players and their coaches — are expected to read The Rules prior to the Tournament.

General Rules

  • All participants are guests of The RISE and our facility. As such, all participants should only be in areas and buildings designated for The RISE. Participants found breaking this rule can be asked to leave the event.
  • NO DOGS/PETS ALLOWED unless the dog is a working dog.

Playing Rules

  • US Lacrosse Women’s Rules will be used
  • Each team is guaranteed (weather permitting) 4 games consisting of two, 23-minute halves
  • Substitutions will be according to US Lacrosse rules
  • 23 minute running halves
  • 5 minute halftime
  • No Timeouts
  • During an injury timeout the clock runs
    • Any team that is identified as abusing this rule in the attempt to the secure the win will forfeit and will not be invited back to The RISE
  • It is the referees' discretion to determine the safety and suitability of player equipment, including braces, casts, etc.
  • Mouth guards and eye protection are mandatory for all players.
  • No jewelry of any kind is allowed during play.
  • Teams must be ready to play at the end of the prior game.
    • Referees have the authority to give the team who is not in position to start play with the starting horn the loss for the game.
    • Referees have the authority to start or end a half early to keep the games on schedule.
  • Eight meter fouls whistled at half or the end of the game will be played out.


    • One 23-minute half
    • No half time
    • If there is a tie in the playoffs then a brave heart will be used.

Playoff Tie Breakers

  1. Head-to-Head
  2. Goals Against
  3. Coin Toss